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Lingerie set, body, babydoll, stockings, all you need regarding underwear has been put at your disposal by our online wholesalers. Find all the must have items in terms of feminine lingerie.


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Wholesale Lingerie

Looking for top-notch lingerie suppliers in the UK and Ireland at the best price without making sacrifices on quality ? Paris Fashion Shops has you covered. Our extensive collection of wholesale lingerie ensures fashion boutiques always stay ahead in the game for intimate apparels. Explore our selection of ladies undergarments, panties, thongs, plus-size lingerie, and more, perfect for various occasions and preferences.

Ladies Undergarments Wholesale

Indulge in luxury with the ladies undergarments wholesale section on our website. Lingerie sellers registered on PFS offer comprehensive ranges of undergarments that includes exquisite lace bras and matching panties, silk chemises, and comfortable yet sexy bodysuits, at the best price on the British market. These versatile pieces are perfect for any occasion, from everyday comfort to romantic nights out. With materials ranging from delicate lace to breathable cotton, and sizes that cater to all, you can provide your customers with undergarments that suit their unique needs and styles.

Ladies Panties Wholesale

Upgrade your lingerie section for your customers with our ladies panties in bulk arrivals. We offer a stunning array of styles, from everyday cotton basics to lacey, sultry designs, which can be delivered to your warehouse in no time. Our wholesale panty collection ensures that your customers have a wide choice of materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. These undergarments are perfect for daily wear, special occasions, or romantic evenings, providing comfort and confidence.

Wholesale Thongs

Add a touch of allure to your boutique with our wholesale thongs. These tantalizing pieces come in a variety of materials, including lace, satin, and mesh, to cater to different tastes. Everyday there are new arrivals. Whether it's for everyday wear, intimate moments, or when wearing tight-fitting clothing, the thongs in our collections provide both comfort and style. Your customers will love them. Paris Fashion Shops makes it easy to stock up on these enticing undergarments, ready for quick shipment.

Plus Size Lingerie Wholesale

Celebrate every body with our plus-size lingerie wholesale options. On Paris Fashion Shops, there are new arrivals every week on our site. Our collection includes a diverse range of styles and sizes to suit all ladies' curves. From supportive bras to elegant chemises, we ensure that your boutique is inclusive and offer products that flatter the curves of any woman. Our bulk offerings make it simple to provide your customers with the perfect plus-size fit and style they deserve, regardless of their body type or the occasion, which can be delivered to your business within a couple of days.

Wholesale Bra

Diversify your lingerie inventory with our wholesale bras daily arrivals. Paris Fashion Shops offers a wide range of styles, including sexy bras for confident women, teenager bras at wholesale price, bulk sports bras for active lifestyles, and comfortable body care bras at unbeatable rates. These bras are available in various materials, such as lace, satin, and microfiber, and will flatter the curves of any woman. From enhancing cleavage to providing all-day support, our bras have your business covered.

Wholesale Sexy Bra

Boost the allure of your lingerie collection with our wholesale sexy bras. These seductive pieces are designed to enhance confidence and allure. Perfect for special occasions or whenever your customers want to feel extra sexy. Our sexy bras come in various styles, including push-up, balconette, and lacey designs. Buy these enticing bras in bulk and watch them fly off your shelves, making your boutique a go-to destination for intimate wear.

Teenager Bra Wholesale Price

Keep your younger clientele stylish with our teenager bras at wholesale prices. These trendy and affordable options ensure that teenagers can embrace their unique style without breaking the bank. With various colors and designs available, you can provide young customers with the perfect undergarments that cater to their changing needs and preferences.

Bulk Sports Bras

Cater to active lifestyles with our bulk sports bras. These supportive and stylish bras are designed to keep your customers comfortable during workouts and daily activities. Available in a range of sizes and materials, our sports bras offer the support and flexibility needed for an active lifestyle. Whether your customers are hitting the gym or just going about their day, these sports bras are a must-have addition to your inventory.

Body Care Bra Wholesale Price

Prioritize comfort without sacrificing style with our body care bras at lingerie wholesale price. Our partners sell undergarments that are crafted from soft, breathable materials that are ideal for everyday wear. They provide the gentle support your customers need to feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. Stock up on these affordable yet high-quality bras to meet your customers' needs for all-day comfort.

Branded Wholesale Clothing Lingerie

Elevate your boutique's prestige with our branded wholesale clothing lingerie registered partners. Paris Fashion Shops offers an exclusive selection of top brands in the lingerie industry. Our branded pieces include luxurious materials, intricate lacework, and unique designs. These high-end items are perfect for special occasions, ensuring your customers feel both glamorous and comfortable. Add to cart the items you like and our team will handle the shipping from sellers to your retail business.

Wholesale Suspender Belt

Enhance the elegance of your customers' lingerie collection with our wholesale suspender belts. These classic accessories add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. They are ideal for pairing with stockings to create a timeless and seductive look. Our range includes various styles, from vintage-inspired to contemporary designs, ensuring you can cater to different tastes and preferences.

Wholesale Nightie

For romantic evenings and special occasions, explore our wholesale nightie collection. These exquisite pieces exude sensuality and sophistication. Crafted from luxurious materials such as satin and lace, our nighties are perfect for customers seeking luxury and comfort. Whether it's for a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply a night of self-indulgence, our nighties offer the perfect blend of style and sensuality. Add to cart the products you want to retail and our team will manage the shipping to your warehouse in a couple of days.

Wholesale Tights

Complete your lingerie collection with our wholesale tights products. From sheer elegance to playful patterns, we have a diverse range of options to choose from. Our tights are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort. They are the perfect finishing touch for outfits, whether it's for a formal event, a night out, or everyday wear. Stock up on these versatile accessories to complement your boutique's offerings.

Lingerie Dropshipping

Paris Fashion Shops does not offer dropshipping. Paris Fashion Shops is a marketplace on which only verified lingerie wholesalers sell undergarment items to retail business in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and anywhere in the world. Dropshipping is not possible, and you will only find verified lingerie wholesalers who sell directly to fashion retailers through our site.

Wholesale Clothing Underwear of All Types

Our commitment to offering comprehensive wholesale options extends to all types of underwear products. From wholesale female underwear to men's wholesale underwear, we've got your boutique's underwear needs covered. Our selection includes a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, ensuring that your customers can find the perfect fit for any occasion.

Wholesale Female Underwear

Cater to women's undergarment needs with our wholesale female underwear selection. We provide a wide range of styles, from comfortable everyday basics to alluring lingerie, suitable for various occasions. Ensure your boutique stays well-stocked with our diverse collection of undergarments that prioritize both style and comfort.

Men Wholesale Underwear

Offer your male clientele quality and comfort with our men's wholesale underwear. These undergarments are available in various styles, including briefs, boxers, and trunks, catering to different preferences. Whether your customers are looking for everyday essentials or special occasion options, stock up on men's underwear in bulk to meet their demands and provide them with reliable, comfortable choices.

Cheap Wholesale Clothing Lingerie and Underwear

Paris Fashion Shops understands the importance of competitive pricing. Our cheap wholesale clothing lingerie and underwear options allow you to keep your prices budget-friendly without compromising on quality. These cost-effective choices are suitable for customers who seek affordability without sacrificing style. Shop online on PFS to enjoy fast shipping in the United Kingdom and Ireland while benefiting from products at the best price and never compromising on quality.

Online Wholesale Clothing Lingerie

Take advantage of the convenience of online wholesale shopping for clothing lingerie. Paris Fashion Shops offers an easy-to-use platform that allows you to select and order your desired items with just a few clicks. Let our experienced staff handle the quick shipment process, ensuring that your business inventory remains well-stocked and your customers satisfied.

At Paris Fashion Shops, we're more than just a lingerie wholesaler. We're your trusted sellers partners in fashion, providing high-quality wholesale panties and undergarments to keep your boutique thriving. Buy underwear in bulk and stay ahead in the fashion game with us.

Paris Fashion Shops | Lingerie wholesaler in the United Kingdom and all over Europe

Paris Fashion Shops is the ultimate online marketplace for wholesale lingerie and clothing in the United Kingdom, Ireland and anywhere in the world. 

Our lingerie wholesale suppliers are strategically located in the heart of Aubervilliers, France, just a stone's throw away from our efficient warehouse in Paris. Once your order is confirmed, Paris Fashion Shops staff swiftly coordinates with our trusted lingerie suppliers, who promptly deliver their exquisite lingerie pieces to our Aubervilliers facility within 24 hours. From there, we meticulously organize shipments, consolidating products to minimize transportation costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Whether your lingerie boutique is nestled in the vibrant streets of London, the bustling markets of Manchester, the charming alleys of Newcastle, or the cultural hub of Dublin, we ensure that your orders reach you within a couple of days. Shop for an enticing array of lingerie items, from luxurious lace sets to cozy sleepwear, on our Marketplace, and anticipate their swift arrival in your boutique.

But wait, there's more! Paris Fashion Shops is not just limited to wholesale lingerie. We offer an extensive range of women's and men's clothing to cater to all your boutique's needs. Discover a captivating assortment of products, including sensual bras and panties, comfy loungewear, elegant robes, silk chemises, lace teddies, and more. Elevate your boutique's offerings with our diverse selection of intimate apparel, all curated for your customers' delight.

Wholesale footwear UK - What is the minimum order value to bulk buy lingerie items on Parisfashionshops ?

On Paris Fashion Shops, the minimum order value for wholesale lingerie begins as low as € 100 per order and varies upon each lingerie sellers. Bulk buy lingerie items in quantities as little as you need for your boutique whole year long and reduce unsold quantities so you never have to make clearance sales.

How often are lingerie stocks renewed ?

Hundreds of wholesale clothing and lingerie items are added everyday on our site by suppliers so that you can find clothing apparel of the latest trend : bras, panties, Undergarments, plus size, thongs, etc.  

Subscribe to our newsletter to hear all about sale offers, clearance deals, surplus stock, bankrupt stock from last season, etc. that will benefit your business.

Do I have to make several payments if I order from different online lingerie wholesalers ?

On Paris Fashion Shops, you can bulk buy from several lingerie suppliers at once for your boutique and pay with one single payment. Our team will parcel group your orders and ship them to your warehouse in one single shipment : London, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, etc.

Online payment security is at the top of our priorities. Paris Fashion Shops uses trusted payment processors and payment gateways to handle your financial data and authorize payments.

How long does it take for a delivery to arrive in the UK and Ireland ? 

Most items displayed on Paris Fashion Shops are available for fast shipping and can be delivered to your business in the United Kingdom on average within 5 to 8 days from acceptance of order. Should you have any special requirements or need further information, please contact us.

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