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Explore the diversity of our offering with affordable collections, popular must-haves and the prestige of iconic collections, each offering a unique experience of style and elegance.
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Up to 30% OFF on a selection products from their collections, until 28/07/24 (inclusive).

Fall-Winter collection 2024/25

Fall-Winter collection 2024/25
Les premières pièces pour la mi-saison sont déjà en ligne !

Low minimum purchase requirement on a selection of brands.

Would you like to sample products from a new brand while staying within your budget by placing an order for a small quantity first? Paris Fashion Shops provides you with a selection of brands that offer the best prices with a minimum purchase requirement of less than 50€, making it an ideal platform for new businesses looking to place their first order.

Refine your search! You now have the option to filter the products in our catalogue based on the minimum purchase requirement of each brand, allowing you to find options that best match your financial planning and the specific needs of your new business.

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They trust us

4,9on 1179 reviews


Par Mila Anatolvena

february 2024


Great customer service. Very understanding and good commercial gestures. I had a small fault with an item and the Customer Service Team took care of it on the day. Quick and concrete answers and solutions. Thank you


Source : Avis Google


Par Jack Jack

january 2024


Order shipped in 48h. New order placed on Sunday, received on Tuesday. Very reactive and received in hand. Service Pro


Source : Avis Google


Par Bellissima Mode

january 2024


Always so professional and fast I recommend without any hesitation!!!! A top-notch team, from ordering to customer service.


Source : Avis Google


Par Nathalie Lemaire

february 2024


Very friendly and efficient wholesalers. Fast delivery. Would recommend.


Source : Avis Google


Par Elodie Gonzalez

february 2024


Very good supplier, fast and functional communication, good listening skills.


Source : Avis Google

Uniting the fashion industry within a flourishing community

Each one of us plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem. Together, we strive to revitalize fashion's vibrancy and craft a new future centered around a more agile, interconnected, accountable, and thriving professional fashion community. Our aim is to inspire shops and individuals in their buying decisions, ensuring that every purchase, starting from the first order, is a step towards a more vibrant and sustainable fashion industry, infused with style and responsibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Paris Fashion Shops Grossiste Vêtements & Accessoires

Paris Fashion Shops - Wholesale clothing suppliers

Paris Fashion Shops, Online wholesale clothes company | Who are we ? stands as the premier French marketplace for fashion retailers and boutiques, bridging the gap between thousands of online wholesalers and fashion retailers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and beyond. Specialising in ready-to-wear garments, footwear, leather goods, and fashion accessories from the latest trends, we offer boutiques and professional buyers the opportunity to purchase in bulk over 100,000 references from 1,000 top brands, thanks to our network of wholesale clothing suppliers. With our competitive pricing, outstanding quality, and swift, secure delivery service, we ensure your shop is stocked with the very best the fashion world has to offer.

How to register on ?

Registering on PARIS FASHION SHOPS is straightforward, free of charge, and comes with no purchase obligation. Simply sign up here. Your registration will be processed within 24 working hours, assuming all required information is provided.

-For EU member countries : A VAT number or proof of business activity is necessary. Registration is exclusive to fashion industry entities.

-For the United Kingdom, Switzerland and rest of Europe : EORI or CHE (Switzerland) number required. Please note that customs charges may apply to goods delivered.

-For the rest of the world : A document justifying your business name is needed for validation by our export department. Note that customs charges may apply.

What is the minimum amount required to purchase on Paris Fashion Shops?

The minimum purchase requirement on Paris Fashion Shops is determined by each wholesale clothing supplier's sales policy, starting from as low as 50€ per order. This allows your store to save on costs while meeting the needs of your inventory. While each clothing company has its own business policy, most clothing suppliers share similarities, making it easier for stores to manage and save on their bulk purchases.

Do you ship to the United Kingdom and the European Union ?

Paris Fashion Shops offers global shipping, enabling stores to provide their customers in the UK—including major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh—Ireland, and anywhere in the European Union (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, etc.) with the finest products from their favourite brands. Taking advantage of our competitive prices ensures that you can offer the best value to your customers while maintaining a strong market position. Our site allows you to sell and distribute a wide range of products internationally with ease, making it an essential resource for your shop.

How often do we get new stocks ?

Our quality garment suppliers update our collections daily with hundreds of new wholesale ready-to-wear products, including new products across all categories and styles such as t-shirts, shoes, dresses, skirts, lingerie, plus-size clothing, leather goods, evening wear, scarves, coats, and more, ensuring high quality in every item. This ensures that you are always up to date with the latest trend, whether it's for the winter or summer seasons, and can find inspiration for your store's offerings.

Subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the latest quality offerings, access special offers, and discover clearance sales and special deals for your business. Stay informed and inspired with the most current date and trends in fashion.

Do I have to make several payments if I order from different online wholesalers?

With Paris Fashion Shops, you can order from multiple clothing suppliers simultaneously and make a single, free payment for all items to be delivered to your boutique, whether in the UK, Ireland, or any country within the European Union.

The total amount displayed in your cart reflects the sum of all your orders, with no additional charges for consolidating them into one free payment.

What payment methods are accepted ?

Payment on can be made either by credit card (VISA, Mastercard or Maestro),or by bank transfer.

What currency can I use for payment?

All payments and transfers are conducted in euros. Customers are responsible for any bank charges incurred during currency exchange.

What shipping methods are offered ?

Paris Fashion Shops provides several shipping options to ensure the timely arrival of your goods:

Parcel grouping shipping 

Combine purchases from various clothing wholesalers and let us consolidate your items for shipment as a single package, saving on shipping costs and reducing your carbon footprint. This option ensures that your items are shipped efficiently anywhere in the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh—Ireland),the European Union, or any other country.

Click & Collect at Paris Fashion Shops warehouse

Collect your orders directly from our warehouse in Aubervilliers, France at:

14 rue de la MONTJOIE

Our offices are open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., allowing you to personally oversee the arrival of your goods.

Your own carrier

If you prefer using your own shipping carrier, simply select 'Other Carrier' during the delivery option stage and provide the necessary details. Our logistics team will coordinate with your carrier once your entire order is ready for collection and shipment.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered ?

Delivery times, displayed upon selecting your transporter, vary based on the carrier and destination country. Expressed in working days, these times are indicative and subject to change.

How can I track my order’s delivery ?

Upon shipment, you'll receive an email with the carrier’s details and a tracking number. You can also track your order through your Paris Fashion Shops account.

Can I restock my last order ?

In your Paris Fashion Shops account under 'MY ORDERS', you can review your purchase history with each clothing wholesaler. Simply click 're-order' to restock items from previous orders.

Where can I consult the list of all clothing suppliers selling on Paris Fashion Shops ?

Wholesale clothing womens
Wholesale clothing mens
Wholesale clothing kids
Wholesale jewels

On Paris Fashion Shops you will find wholesale clothing suppliers of all styles. Looking for a style or trend in particular ? It is available on our site and we can deliver it to your store very quickly.

More questions ? Please contact or consult our FAQ section.

Are there any special customs documentation requirements for UK orders due to Brexit?

For UK orders placed through Paris Fashion Shops, there are no specific customs documentation requirements for customers due to Brexit. However, it's important to note that customs fees will be payable upon receipt of the goods in the United Kingdom. These charges are determined by the customs authorities and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Are the items displayed as available in stock?

All clothes and products listed on Paris Fashion Shops are in stock, with our inventory regularly updated by wholesalers and sellers. However, as a marketplace featuring various brands, we cannot guarantee the availability of items from suppliers at the time of your order validation. Should any items be unavailable, you will only be charged for the items that are valid. For payments made via bank transfer, any overpaid amounts will be refunded.

How may I consult prices ?

To view prices, you must first register a customer account on our website. Once logged in, pricing information will become visible, exclusively to store owners and customers within the fashion industry.

What is the return policy ?

In the event of any issues with your order, you have up to 7 calendar days from the receipt of your package to inform us. This policy ensures that you have ample time to assess the items and determine if they meet your expectations and quality standards.
For any additional inquiries or for more detailed information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly or consult our comprehensive FAQ section.

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