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Handbag, clutch bag, or shopping bag, all you need is here to dress up your outfit. Our online wholesalers have selected for you a variety of items, so that for every occasion, you will have the perfect bag to complete your outfit.


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Leather goods are meticulously crafted from leather, a robust and natural material derived from animal hides or plants. These items of long tradition have gained significant popularity within the fashion industry due to their superior quality, unparalleled style, and practical functionality. The range of leather goods encompasses handbags, purses, accessories, footwear, and other small leather items. Paris Fashion Shops provides an extensive collection of wholesale leather goods procured from trusted partners worldwide, ensuring diversity in design and craftsmanship for fashion boutiques in the United Kingdom. 

Wholesale leather purses and handbags

Leather purses and handbags are indispensable fashion accessories, adding a touch of elegance, style, and practicality to any woman’s ensemble. Paris Fashion Shops offers a large variety of wholesale leather handbags and purses of the highest quality, featuring designs that cater to all tastes - be it classic, trendy, or exotic. You'll find a diverse selection in terms of size, shape, color, and leathers, including cowhide, lambskin, goat leather, Italian leather, and even exotic crocodile or snake leather. We also provide vegan leather alternatives for your environmentally conscious clientele. All items are in stock and ready for quick shipment. Add to cart the products that best suit your customers' preferences and click on "purchase", our team will see your order straight to your warehouse in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or anywhere else in Europe.

Should you need custom items please let us now, most suppliers have great experience manufacturing bags and some even have their own bag factory.

Wholesale leather accessories

Leather accessories are the ultimate style statement, boasting unmatched versatility and enduring durability. They make for the perfect gifts, guaranteed to leave your customers delighted. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an unbeatable selection of premium wholesale leather accessories of all raw materials for the customers of your boutiques in the UK. From belts and wallets to gloves and bracelets, we've got it all. Let's delve into the exceptional range you can anticipate:

Wholesale leather belts

A leather belt serves as an indispensable addition to a variety of wardrobes. Regardless of whether your attire consists of jeans, trousers, skirts, or dresses, a leather belt has the capacity to elevate a woman is appearance and encapsulate her individual style. We, at Paris Fashion Shops, provide an extensive assortment of wholesale leather belts. Our selection encompasses a myriad of styles encompassing casual, formal, vintage, and contemporary. We provide the flexibility to choose from an array of widths, buckle aesthetics, and hues. Additionally, we offer adjustable belts that cater to a range of sizes. We guarantee that each leather accessory belt is manufactured from superior quality leather, ensuring both longevity and durability.

Wholesale leather wallets

A leather wallet isn't just a functional accessory; it's a bold statement of your style and sophistication. When one chooses a leather wallet, he / she is not just securing your money, cards, and documents, that person is showcasing your refined taste. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an unrivaled collection of wholesale leather wallets. Our selection spans from the classic bi-fold and tri-fold models to the chic zip-around and clutch designs. We provide a vibrant array of colors, patterns, and textures, ensuring a perfect match for every style. And that's not all - our wallets boast RFID protection, offering a robust shield against identity theft. All our wallets are crafted from authentic leather (Italian leather, real leather, vegan leather, etc.), promising an elegant aging process that only enhances their appeal. Dive into our collection and experience the fusion of practicality and luxury!

Wholesale leather gloves

Leather gloves serve multiple purposes - they not only keep your hands warm and safe, but also enhance your overall attire with an element of sophistication and elegance. Whether it's a coat, jacket, or dress, these gloves are versatile enough to complement any outfit. Suitable for casual, formal, or festive occasions, they are a wardrobe must-have. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer a wide variety of wholesale leather gloves. You can select from a range of sizes, lengths, and colors. We stock various types of leather, including smooth, suede, and nappa. For those seeking extra comfort and warmth, we also have gloves lined with fur or wool for your female customers in the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are the absolute pinnacle of style and sophistication, effortlessly elevating any ensemble. Whether worn solo or stacked, they are a powerful statement of your unique personality and mood. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an stock range of wholesale leather bracelets of highest quality in diverse designs. From the intricately braided to the chic wraparound, the bold cuff or the enchanting charm, our range is unrivaled. Choose from a plethora of colors, embellishments, and closures to perfectly suit your taste. Our bracelets, adjustable and designed to fit all wrist sizes, are crafted from high-quality leather that ensures durability and longevity. With our leather bracelets, you're not merely wearing an accessory; you're showcasing a piece of timeless elegance that won't fade or break.

Wholesale leather travel bags

Leather travel bags, versatile for various uses and customer types, are perfect for your fashion boutique. Paris Fashion Shops partners offer a large collection of wholesale bags in various sizes, shapes, colors, and types of leather, including eco-friendly vegan options. All products are in stock and ready for shipping to the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale leather shoes

Leather shoes are the epitome of comfort and long-lasting durability, effortlessly complementing any outfit or season, for men and women. They not only elevate your overall look but also boost your posture and confidence to new heights. At Paris Fashion Shops, you are presented with an extensive collection of wholesale leather shoes. From flats to heels, boots to sneakers, we cater to all your style needs. Our selection boasts of a diverse array of styles, whether you are a connoisseur of classic elegance, an enthusiast of modern chic, or an aficionado of sporty aesthetics. We offer a spectrum of colors, finishes, and intricate details for you to choose from, which pleases any woman. Key comfort features such as cushioned insoles and rubber soles are incorporated in our designs for an enhanced grip and unparalleled comfort. Our shoes are crafted from the finest leathers, promising a perfect fit that molds to your feet and offers excellent breathability to your customers.

Wholesale small leather goods

Discover the power of chic, convenient, and beautifully crafted small leather goods that can transform your boutique and delight your customers. Paris Fashion Shops is your ultimate destination for a diverse range of wholesale small leather goods. Uncover a treasure of keychains, card holders, coin purses, and pouches, each offering unique benefits:

Keychains: More than just a functional item, our keychains effortlessly secure keys while adding a touch of elegance to your bag or backpack. Say goodbye to misplaced or scratched keys. Card Holders: Embrace the sleek design of our card holders collections. They offer a compact and secure home for one's cards, freeing up space in a wallet or pocket. Coin Purses: Our coin purses provide a stylish and safe way to carry coins, ensuring they are always at hand and never scattered in a wallet or pocket. Pouches: Store your small items like cosmetics, headphones, or chargers in our stylish pouches, protecting them from dust and damage while adding a touch of sophistication.Document Holders: Keep your documents neat and organized with our collection of leather document holders which offer a stylish and secure way to store one's papers, folders, notebooks and pens.

Crafted from fine leather, our small leather goods promise durability and timeless style. Explore a spectrum of colors, shapes, and sizes at Paris Fashion Shops. Almost all our products are in stock and ready for quick shipment to the UK and Ireland by our dedicated Paris Fashion Shops team. Elevate your customer's experience by simply selecting your customers' preferred products and clicking "purchase". Your journey to superior style and organization starts here.

Wholesale Italian leather goods

Italian leather products are globally recognized for their superior quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and sophisticated elegance. These items are crafted from premium leather materials, including calfskin, lambskin, and various exotic leathers. Each piece is meticulously designed with a focus on detail, style, and practicality. Through Paris Fashion Shops, you have access to a broad variety of wholesale Italian leather goods sourced directly from suppliers in Italy and around the world, for both men and women. With the selection of our high end brands, your products will please any woman that walk into your shop.

Wholesale vegan leather goods

Wholesale vegan leather goods are products that are made of synthetic or plant-based materials that mimic the look and feel of animal leather. Wholesale vegan leather goods are popular and in-demand items in the fashion industry, as they offer quality, style and functionality. Wholesale vegan leather goods can include purses, handbags, accessories, shoes and small leather goods. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find a large selection of wholesale vegan leather goods from wholesalers based all around the world. 

Cheap leather products suppliers

Are you in search of cost-effective leather product suppliers to complement your fashion boutique in the United Kingdom or Ireland? We are a global marketplace that specializes in providing a diverse range of leather goods from international brands.

Through bulk purchases, we offer you the opportunity to avail discounts, ensuring you retain high-profit margins while satisfying your customer base.

Our portfolio of products encompasses purses, handbags, accessories, shoes, and other small leather goods made from real leather; but also plenty of fashion appels (dresses, tops, jewels, shirts, pants, trousers, etc.). We guarantee that each product is meticulously crafted from durable, superior quality leather or similar materials, ensuring both longevity and style.

Paris Fashion Shops is committed to accommodating all budget types and assisting boutiques in securing the most advantageous deals on leather goods.

Online leather products wholesale suppliers

Choosing to buy from online leather wholesalers like Paris Fashion Shops can boost your UK or Ireland-based fashion reselling business. Benefits include:

• Shopping the best brands in the UK from home or office anytime, eliminating driving to manufacturers and saving time and money.

• Accessing a wide, global range of leather goods, with easy comparison of prices, quality, and styles. • Simple, secure payment with a variety of methods, alongside promotional discounts.

• Efficient shipping and customs handled by Paris Fashion Shop’s staff, with real-time order tracking.

• Boosting sales by offering top-quality, fashionable leather goods at competitive prices. Growing your fashion business and staying competitive has never been easier with Paris Fashion Shops.

Paris Fashion Shops | Leather goods suppliers in the UK & Ireland and Europe

Paris Fashion Shops is an established brand known for its excellent service and expertise in all of Europe. Many of the brands we work closely with have their own factory and can manufacture custom items. We collaborate with a great amount of boutiques and global brands.

Wholesale leather goods distributors - What is the minimum amount required to purchase leather goods on Paris Fashion Shops?

Paris Fashion Shops' wholesale leather goods minimum amount required start at a reasonable €100 per transaction in most cases, varying for each wholesaler, as well as a low minimum order quantities. This approach enables boutiques to purchase trendy items form worldwide famous brands in manageable amounts and reduce the risk of excess inventory that could lead to discount sales.

Wholesale leather goods manufacturers - How often do we get new leather goods stocks?

Explore our continually updated collections on Paris Fashion Shops, where we add new leather goods daily from all kinds of brands. Our distinguished leather goods wholesalers of the highest expertise present items reflecting the latest trends, from purses and handbags to accessories, shoes, and small goods, including vegan leather options. Looking for a brand in particular ? Filter down your research by brand name.Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on sales, exclusive offers, surplus inventory, and last season's closeouts for your customers.

How long does it take for a delivery to arrive in the UK, Ireland, or Europe?

Paris Fashion Shops generally offers swift delivery across Europe for most items. Our online stock is regularly refreshed with the newest designs. Delivery times, while dependent on destination and specific leather goods supplier, usually range from 5 to 8 working days after order confirmation.

If you have any specifications regarding your order, please contact us.

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