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Lingerie set, body, babydoll, stockings, all you need regarding underwear has been put at your disposal by our online wholesalers. Find all the must have items in terms of feminine lingerie.

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Wholesale Tights & Stockings

Discover a world of wholesale tights and stockings at Paris Fashion Shops, a leading marketplace for fashion retailers in the UK and Ireland. Offering a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, our collection caters to all your clothing boutique needs. Quick and efficient shipping ensures your stock remains fresh and trendy, providing great value for your investment. With our extensive selection and affordable prices, you can keep your store's offerings up-to-date and appealing to a broad customer base.

Women's Tights Wholesale

Our selection of women's tights wholesale, including ladies' stockings, knee highs, and socks, brings elegance and variety to your fashion boutique's collection. From classic blacks to vibrant prints, these stockings wholesale tights cater to every style, occasion, and season. Purchase these chic essentials in bulk offers cost-effective solutions for UK and Ireland boutiques, enabling them to enhance their inventory with a diverse range of hosiery options. Just pick the products that suit your boutique's style, add them to your cart, and let us take care of the rest. Our promise is fast delivery to any address in the UK and Ireland, making your shopping experience hassle-free and efficient.

Wholesale Children's Tights

Attract the youth market with our engaging collection of wholesale children's tights. These tights come in a wide array of colours, patterns, and sizes, making them suitable for diverse needs, from school uniforms to fun weekend attire. With our fast ordering and shipping process, they are a must-have for any retailer in the UK and Ireland, offering a fashionable and practical solution for every season, ensuring your store remains the go-to destination for trendy children's wear.

Wholesale Plus Size Tights

Expand your boutique's range with our diverse collection of plus size tights for women. These plus size tights are designed to provide comfort and style for individuals who wear larger sizes. The demand for plus size tights in the wholesale market has grown significantly, as more retailers recognize the importance of offering fashion that is accessible to everyone. By including wholesale plus size tights and stockings in your product range, you demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and body positivity, which can help to attract a wider customer base.

Bulk buying tights from Paris Fashion Shops allows you to explore different types, from cosy wool to sleek lycra, ensuring you cater to every preference. Effortless purchasing and fast shipping make stock replenishment easy for UK and Ireland retailers.

Bulk Buy Tights of All Types

Wholesale Fleece Tights

Ideal for pairing with winter dresses or skirts, fleece tights add a layer of warmth without compromising on fashion. Fleece tights are not just practical; they're a seasonal must-have, ensuring your clientele stays stylish and snug. With their soft texture and versatile design, our wholesale fleece tights collections are a popular choice for shoppers seeking both functionality and fashion during the colder seasons.

At Paris Fashion Shops, we understand the importance of timely delivery. Choose from our extensive wholesale fleece tights and stockings collection, add to your cart, and we'll expedite the shipping. Your boutique, anywhere in the UK and Ireland, will receive its fresh fashion picks in just a few days.

Wholesale Nylon Tights

Our wholesale nylon tights offer durability and elegance. Known for their strength and elasticity, nylon tights are a practical choice for everyday wear, catering to a broad customer base. This versatility makes them an essential item for both casual and formal wardrobes. Perfect for daily wear, nylon tights come in multiple shades and sizes, making them a versatile choice for UK and Ireland fashion retailers. Ideal for bulk buying, wholesale stocking nylon tights allows retailers to offer high-quality, long-lasting hosiery at competitive prices. Shop from all brands on our marketplace (Joanna Gray, Silky tights, Cindy tights, etc.) and offer the customers the best products in the United Kingdom.

Wholesale Sheer Tights

Sheer tights and knee highs are an everlasting trend for women. Known for their transparency and lightness, they offer a subtle yet sophisticated way to enhance an outfit. Sheer tights are typically made from fine, delicate materials like nylon or a blend of nylon and spandex, providing a smooth, barely-there feel that's both comfortable and chic. Knee highs, with their distinct length, add another dimension of style to this category. One of the key appeals of wholesale sheer tights and knee highs is their capacity to give the legs a flawless appearance.

Our wholesale sheer tights collection features a range of deniers and shades in both sheer tights and knee highs, suitable for both casual and formal attire. Quick and easy to order, they're a staple for boutiques catering to the fashion-forward clientele in the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale Body Shaping Tights

Enhance your collection with our body shaping tights. These tights are specifically designed to offer support and shaping benefits, making them an essential item in many wardrobes for their ability to enhance body contours. Body shaping tights also provide support and contour, ideal for customers seeking both comfort and style. The primary feature of wholesale body shaping tights is their ability to smooth and shape various areas of the body, such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen. They are engineered with targeted compression zones that provide firm support, helping to create a more toned appearance under clothing. Typically made from a blend of strong, elastic fibers like nylon and spandex, body shaping tights are both flexible and durable.

Available in various sizes, wholesale body shaping tights are a popular choice for retailers in the UK and Ireland, adding value to your product line.

Wholesale Opaque Tights

Stock up on our wholesale opaque tights at competitive prices, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your collection. Characterized by their denser, less transparent fabric, these tights offer more coverage than their sheer counterparts, making them ideal for colder months or for those seeking a more modest look. Alongside these, consider adding socks and anklets to diversify your range. For retailers, stocking opaque tights, socks, and anklets means catering to a diverse clientele of women. They are perfect for professional settings, casual outings, or even as a fashion statement when paired with shorter skirts or dresses. Wholesale opaque tights are also favored for their ability to smoothly contour the legs, providing a sleek silhouette. This feature is particularly appreciated by customers who want to combine style with comfort. With a range of colours and thicknesses, they're suitable for every season, making them a must-have for clothing boutiques in the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale Dance and Ballet Tights

Ballet and specialty dance tights provide flexibility, durability, and support, making them a vital component of a dancer's outfit. They are usually composed of a combination of materials, like spandex and nylon, which offer the elasticity and durability needed to support the wide range of motion needed for dancing. In order to accommodate various dance styles and performances, dance tights are typically available in classic colors like tan and black as well as pink, which is traditional for ballet. Dance and ballet tights have a convertible design with an opening at the foot that makes it simple for dancers to transition between bare and covered feet.

We have strong, adaptable options in our wholesale dance and ballet tights collection that are ideal for dance studios and clothing stores. Making a prompt purchase guarantees that your boutique in the UK and Ireland is never short on these specialty items.

Bulk Fishnet Stockings

Elevate your boutique's hosiery collection with our Wholesale Fishnet Tights from renowned manufacturers. These timeless fashion items merge boldness with elegance, appealing to diverse style preferences. Ideal for adding a daring yet sophisticated flair to any attire, fishnet tights are essential for fashion-conscious customers in the UK and Ireland. Sourced from leading manufacturers, they are available in a variety of patterns and sizes, ensuring versatility for both casual and formal settings. Purchasing bulk fishnet stockings allow you to provide your female clientele with a trendy, high-quality option that uplifts any look, positioning your store as a prime destination for the latest in hosiery fashion.

Wholesale Shine / Glossy Tights

Dive into the world of elegance with our Wholesale Shine Tights, a must-have for any fashion retailer's inventory. As a prominent supplier, we present these glamorous tights, celebrated for their glossy finish that elevates any look. Ideal for diverse styling, wholesale glossy tights are perfect for clients seeking a chic, sophisticated touch. Available for bulk buy, these shine tights are an essential addition to your store in the UK and Ireland, providing your customers with an exclusive, luxurious hosiery choice that perfectly balances comfort and high-end fashion.

Wholesale Seamed Tights

Seamed tights are a unique and stylish type of hosiery that stand out for their distinct seam running along the back of a women's leg, from the heel to the top of the thigh or waist. This seam is not just a functional aspect of the tights' construction but also a key design element, adding a classic and sophisticated look to the garment.

With Paris Fashion Shops, the convenience is unparalleled. Once you've selected the perfect wholesale seamed tights from our extensive collection, just add them to your cart and let out staff see them delivered to your warehouse.

Wholesale Cabin Crew Tights

Cabin Crew Tights are a specialized type of hosiery designed primarily for airline cabin crew members, but their appeal and functionality have extended beyond this specific profession. These tights are tailored to meet the unique demands of a job that involves long hours on one's feet, often under varying pressure and temperature conditions. Select from our wholesale cabin crew tights collections, add items to your cart, and let us take care of the rest.

Wholesale Footless Tights

Footless tights, also known as leggings in some contexts, are a versatile and comfortable garment that have become a staple in contemporary fashion for women. They are similar to traditional tights but, as the name suggests, lack the foot covering part. Our wholesale collection includes a range of colours and materials, perfect for pairing with different outfits. Experience the efficiency of shopping with Paris Fashion Shops. Bulk buy from our range of Wholesale footless tights collection, add your selections to the cart, and we'll ensure a rapid delivery process to your warehouse.

Wholesale Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are a fashion staple. Patterned tights are a dynamic and fashionable element in the world of hosiery, offering a way to add texture, color, and personality to any outfit. Unlike their plain counterparts, patterned tights come adorned with a variety of designs – from subtle and delicate to bold and striking. These patterns can range from classic polka dots and stripes to intricate lace, floral prints, geometric shapes, and even whimsical or artistic motifs.

Our wholesale patterned tights collection includes a variety of designs, from subtle to bold, catering to diverse tastes. Stock these to add a playful element to your UK and Ireland boutique's collection.

Wholesale Seamless Tights

Seamless tights are a unique and increasingly popular type of hosiery that offer both comfort and a sleek, streamlined appearance. The key feature that distinguishes them from traditional tights is the absence of seams, or at least a significant reduction in visible and tactile seam lines.

Browse our women wholesale seamless tights collection which contains a variety of shades and sizes, and bulk buy the products your female customers are after.

Wholesale Fitness Leggings

Fitness leggings are a must in any active wear collection for women. Their rise in popularity is not just a trend but a reflection of their practicality and versatility in the world of fitness and beyond. Originally designed for physical activities, fitness leggings are made from high-performance fabrics that are both stretchable and breathable. This combination of materials allows for a wide range of motion while also wicking away sweat, making them ideal for various exercises, from yoga and pilates to high-intensity interval training and running.

Fitness leggings have also crossed over into everyday wear, largely due to their comfort and style. They come in an array of designs, colors, and patterns, making them a fashionable choice for casual, everyday outfits.

Our wholesale fitness leggings range includes a variety of styles and materials, suitable for various workout routines. Stock these fitness leggings to meet the demands of your health-focused customers in the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale Gipsy Tights

Gipsy tights are a notable brand in the hosiery industry, recognized for their quality, style, and diversity. Originating in the UK, Gipsy tights have gained popularity for their ability to blend fashion-forward designs with comfort and durability, appealing to a wide range of tastes and needs. They typically feature a comfortable waistband that doesn't dig in, and the materials used offer a good balance between snugness and flexibility. Enhancing your hosiery stock with our wholesale Gipsy tights range includes various designs, perfect for adding a chic touch to any ensemble. Bulk buy these tights to offer your UK and Ireland female customers an exclusive, fashionable choice.

Wholesale Compression Tights

Compression tights are ideal for active customers. These tights are designed with a specific purpose: to apply graduated pressure to the legs and improve blood circulation. This feature makes them quite different from regular tights or leggings. The idea is that by gently squeezing the legs, compression tights help to move blood back towards the heart, reducing the likelihood of swelling and the feeling of tired, achy legs.Our wholesale compression tights collection provides support and style, perfect for sports or daily wear. Available in bulk, they're a great addition to boutiques in the UK and Ireland catering to a health-conscious clientele.

Wholesale Support Tights

Support tights, also known as compression tights, are a specialized type of hosiery designed to provide extra support and improve circulation in the legs. They are beneficial for a wide range of people, from those who stand or sit for extended periods to individuals with specific medical conditions.Offer comfort and style to your customers with our wholesale support tights items from the best suppliers in Europe.

Wholesale Designer Stockings

Elevate your boutique's luxury appeal with our designer stockings. Available for wholesale, these stockings come in exquisite designs and materials, perfect for high-end fashion enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland.

Online wholesale tights

Revitalize your hosiery selections effortlessly with Paris Fashion Shops, a boon for fashion boutiques seeking efficiency and variety.

Time and Cost Savings: Online bulk buy tights and skip the hassle of traffic and transportation expenses. With our online platform, shop for wholesale tights at any hour, eliminating the constraints of conventional supplier hours.

Vast Selection: Explore an extensive assortment of tights from over a thousand brands and suppliers. Our online wholesale tights catalog allows for easy comparison of styles, materials, and prices, all with just a few clicks.

Rapid Shipping: Once your order is confirmed by our suppliers, our dedicated team ensures prompt shipping straight to your store. This swift service is integral to keeping your boutique's hosiery offerings fresh and trendy.

Economical Delivery Options: Benefit from cost-effective delivery through our parcel grouping system, designed to save money on bulk orders anywhere in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Convenient Bulk Purchasing: Select and bulk buy tights that resonate with your customer base. Track your orders and shipments online and receive updates right until delivery.

Stay ahead in the fashion game by subscribing to our newsletter. It's your direct line to the best deals, exclusive promotions, and special offers, including clearance sales and limited-time offers.

Cheap wholesale tights

When it comes to stocking your clothing shop with supplies, opting for cheap wholesale tights can be a strategic and economical choice. These cost-effective options allow clothing shop owners to diversify their inventory from different suppliers (Silky tights, Joanna Gray, etc.) without overstretching their budget. Bulk buying tights at cheap wholesale prices means you can offer a wide range of styles and designs to ladies in your shop at the best price, meeting various preferences while maintaining affordability. This approach not only enhances the attractiveness of your product range but also boosts your potential for higher sales volumes with a variety of tights supplies.

By integrating cheap wholesale tights into your product line, you can effectively balance quality, variety, and affordability, a crucial trio in the competitive world of fashion retail.

ParisFashionShops - Stockings and tights wholesaler in the UK and the European Union

- Wholesale tights UK - What is the minimum amount required to purchase stockings on Parisfashionshops ?

Depending on the distributor, the minimum purchase amount to bulk buy tights and stockings in bulk on Paris Fashion Shops might be as little as €100 per order. In this manner, you can order year-round necessities for your boutique in as little or as much quantity as you require, avoiding unsold inventory that might otherwise drive you to hold clearance discounts.

- How often do we get new items ?

Tights and stocking suppliers upload hundreds of new pairs of tights to Paris Fashion Shops every day.

Get all the information you need regarding bankrupt stock from the previous season, surplus stock, clearance sales, and more by subscribing to our newsletter.

- Do I have to make several payments if I order from different tights wholesalers ?

You may bulk buy tights and stockings from several vendors on Paris Fashion Shops and make one single payment. Packages will be combined and dispatched from our Parisian warehouse to your boutique in London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Edimbourg, and so on in a single shipment.

- How much time does it take for a delivery to reach Ireland and the UK?

The majority of the tights and stockings found on Paris Fashion Shops are available for quick delivery, and the online inventory is updated often. Delivery times vary by nation and wholesaler, but they typically take five to eight business days after the order is accepted.

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