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Wholesale Belts

In the constantly changing and vibrant world of fashion, belts serve a dual purpose - they are not only a practical accessory but also a statement piece that can greatly enhance an outfit. For fashion retailers specifically located in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it becomes particularly important to feature a diverse array of trendy, eye-catching belts in their stores. The transformative power of belts to uplift and redefine any attire cannot be overstated, making them an indispensable accessory that should be prominently included within your boutique. Their presence assures customers of a complete, head-to-toe fashionable experience with every visit.

Wholesale Women's Belts:

Discover our exquisite collection of women's belts and scarves, perfect for shops aiming to enchant their female clientele in the UK and Ireland. This selection boasts elegant leather belts and delicate scarves for formal attire, along with bold, chunky belt designs ideal for pairing with jeans in a casual setting. Available in a variety of materials, including sleek leather and soft fabrics, these belts and scarves cater to every woman's style. By choosing to sell our stylish accessories in bulk, fashion boutiques can satisfy every woman's need for a chic waist-cincher or a graceful scarf, elevating any ensemble with sophistication or a playful twist.

Wholesale Men's Belts:

Enhance your shop's offerings with our premium range of men's belts, a crucial addition for any fashion retailer in the UK and Ireland. Our collection features classic leather belts that seamlessly complement formal trousers, and rugged, textured options that are a perfect match for jeans. Available in multiple sizes and colours, these belts are ideal for adding a refined touch to any man's outfit. Selling these belts wholesale ensures that your shop always provides fashionably accessorised options for your male customers, for any occasion.

Wholesale Kids' Belts:

Add a splash of fun to your young customers' attire with our delightful collection of kids' belts. These belts, vibrant and practical, come in an array of colours and designs, ideal for brightening any child's wardrobe. Designed for both comfort and durability, our range includes sizes for toddlers through to teens. Shops in the UK and Ireland can benefit from selling these belts in bulk, offering trendy and child-friendly choices that both parents and kids will adore.

Bulk belts of all materials

Leather Belts

Women's leather belts are an essential offering for any shop, epitomising timeless elegance and durability. These belts, when paired with a skirt or trousers, elevate any outfit, appealing to consumers who appreciate the quality and sophistication synonymous with top brands. Available in a multitude of designs, these leather belts offer versatility and enduring style, making them an ideal choice for retailers in the UK and Ireland. Shops aiming to cater to discerning consumers with high-quality, fashionable accessories will find these leather belts to be a perfect addition, resonating with customers who value both exceptional craftsmanship and style.

Rhinestone Belts

Rhinestone belts add a touch of glamour to women's evening attire or a sparkling uplift to a casual look. These belts, featuring intricate designs and shimmering stones, are perfect for boutiques looking to sell accessories that stand out. They're a popular choice among fashion-forward shoppers seeking a bit of glitz at wholesale prices. Simply add your chosen products to the cart and leave the rest to us. Paris Fashion Shops offers efficient delivery services across the UK, Ireland, and the entirety of Europe, ensuring your selections arrive swiftly and securely.

Concho Belts

Concho belts, harmoniously merging traditional and modern aesthetics, present an exclusive selection in women's attire. Their prominent metallic embellishments make them an ideal choice for infusing a Western or bohemian flair into any ensemble. Retailers can leverage these remarkable accessories to cater to customers with diverse and eclectic preferences, providing an array of distinctiveness and novelty.

Metal and Buckles Belts

Metal and buckles belts provide a modern aesthetic, ideal for women looking to make a bold fashion statement. These belts come in various designs, appealing to a wide range of shopping preferences. They're an excellent choice for retailers seeking to sell contemporary and stylish accessories. After selecting the products your customers want, add them to your cart and relax. Paris Fashion Shops is committed to delivering your order seamlessly, whether it's destined for the UK, Ireland, or anywhere across Europe.

Chain Belts

Chain belts are a sophisticated and versatile accessory for women, enhancing both daytime and evening wear. Their sleek design and metallic finish make them a stylish addition to any shopping collection, appealing to those who favour a modern, elegant look. Retailers can sell these at wholesale prices, offering chic style and versatility. Place your items in the cart and enjoy peace of mind knowing that Paris Fashion Shops will handle the delivery process to your store, bringing your goods to you in the UK or Ireland.

Chain Bling Belts

Chain bling belts are the epitome of luxury, combining the sophistication of chain belts with the glamour of rhinestones. These belts are perfect for retailers looking to sell accessories that add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to women's outfits. They stand out as a fashionable choice in any shopping collection.

Canvas Belts

Canvas belts, celebrated for their blend of practicality and laid-back style, are a favoured accessory for men and women's daily outfits. These belts come in an array of colours and patterns, providing both durability and comfort without compromising on affordability. Ideal for retailers, these versatile and functional accessories can be marketed to a wide range of customers, offering an appealing combination of style, utility, and value.

Miscellaneous and Specialty Belts

Miscellaneous and specialty belts offer a wide range of unique styles, perfect for women seeking distinctive fashion pieces. From quirky prints to unconventional materials, these belts cater to various shopping preferences. Retailers can sell these eclectic accessories to offer a diverse and unconventional range in their stores.

All styles of belts in bulk

Wholesale western Belts

Western leather belts embody a rugged, authentic charm, featuring classic motifs and durable craftsmanship. These leather belts, a favourite in the UK and Ireland, are perfect for customers seeking a blend of functionality and style. Their unique designs, often featuring brands known for quality, make them standout leather accessories in any fashion retailer's collection.

Wholesale Designer Belts

Designer leather belts are the ultimate embodiment of luxury and elegance; they are meticulously crafted from only the highest grade materials with an extraordinary level of attention paid to each and every detail. These exceptionally stylish belts are specifically designed for discerning customers who have a deep appreciation for the latest fashion trends, and who yearn for that additional hint of sophistication delivered by world-renowned brands. Wholesale designer belts prove to be an integral, non-negotiable addition for any fashion boutique that aspires to cater to their clients by providing an array of high-end leather belt accessories, setting them apart in the competitive landscape.

Wholesale Rhinestone Belts

Rhinestone leather belts add a sparkling touch to evening and casual outfits alike, dazzling with their intricate embellishments. Available in various sizes and designs, rhinestone belts allow customers to choose the perfect glamorous leather accessory from their preferred brands. They are ideal for adding a bit of glitz to any leather belt collection.

Wholesale Fashion Belts

Fashion leather belts are at the forefront of contemporary trends, featuring everything from bold, statement buckles to sleek, minimalist styles. These leather belts cater to a diverse range of fashion tastes, making them a versatile choice for retailers stocking various brands. Fashion belts are key to keeping any leather belt accessories collection current and fashionable.

Wholesale Studded Belts

Studded leather belts offer an edgy, contemporary look, perfect for adding a punk or rock-inspired element to any outfit. Available in a variety of styles from different brands, they appeal to a younger, trend-focused demographic. Wholesale studded belts are popular in fashion boutiques across the UK and Ireland.

Wholesale Canvas Belts

Canvas belts, often combined with leather, blend durability with casual style, making them a practical choice for everyday wear. Available in a range of colours and patterns, wholesale canvas belts suit a variety of fashion needs and are often paired with leather for added durability. Retailers can offer these as a durable yet fashionable option to their customers, featuring both canvas and leather from various brands. Choose your preferred items and add them to the cart. With Paris Fashion Shops, you can trust that your delivery will be handled professionally, reaching any corner of the UK, Ireland, or Europe.

Wholesale Web Belts

Web belts are known for their versatility and ease of use, featuring a simple, no-nonsense design. They're perfect for casual outfits and come in various colours, appealing to a wide customer base. Wholesale web belts are a practical and stylish choice for everyday wear.

Wholesale Stretch Belts

Elastic stretch belts provide the dual benefits of comfort and adaptability, rendering them a preferred selection for daily attire. Their design, characterized by elasticity, guarantees an optimal fit for a wide range of body shapes, thus making them both inclusive and multi-functional. Stretch belts are an optimal choice for retailers aiming to cater to an eclectic customer base.

Wholesale Plus Size Belts

Plus size belts not only offer inclusivity in fashion but also bring numerous benefits, making them a must-have accessory. These belts are crafted to enhance and flatter a variety of body types, accentuating the wearer's silhouette and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. With their diverse designs and styles, they provide both comfort and a fashionable edge, effortlessly elevating a look. These plus size belts are fantastic for creating a more defined waistline, thereby adding to the overall aesthetic appeal and boosting the wearer's confidence. For retailers, stocking wholesale plus size belts means not only embracing inclusivity but also empowering customers to feel beautiful and confident in their appearance.

Wholesale Waist Belts

Waist belts are perfect for cinching and defining the silhouette, adding a stylish touch to dresses and tunics. They come in various materials and styles, suitable for both casual and formal wear. Wholesale waist belts are a must-have for fashion boutiques looking to offer versatile accessories. Add your chosen items to the cart and let Paris Fashion Shops manage the logistics. We ensure reliable delivery to your doorstep, whether you're in the UK, Ireland, or any part of Europe

Wholesale Braided Belts

Braided belts provide a classic and sophisticated aesthetic, applicable to both casual and formal ensembles. The detailed interlacing enhances the visual interest of any attire, rendering them a preferred option for customers with discerning tastes. For retailers seeking to enrich their offerings with timeless accessories, these belts represent an outstanding selection.

Wholesale Dress Belts

Dress belts are the quintessential accessory for formal wear, offering a sleek and polished finish. Wholesale dress belts come in a variety of elegant designs and materials, perfect for pairing with suits and formal dresses. Dress belts are essential for boutiques specialising in formal or office wear.

Wholesale Reversible Belts

Reversible belts are a clever choice to attract customers seeking versatility and practicality, offering two distinct looks in one accessory. These belts are ideal for consumers who value both functionality and style, making them perfect for travel or minimising wardrobe space. Renowned for their ability to match with various outfits and appeal to diverse tastes, wholesale reversible belts are a smart addition to any fashion retailer's collection, especially those keen on offering products from top brands that attract style-conscious customers.

Wholesale Elastic Belts

Elastic belts are renowned for their exceptional comfort and versatility, making them perfect for both elevating the style of an ensemble and ensuring a comfortable fit. Available in a wide range of designs and colors, they cater to diverse tastes and style preferences. These belts are a popular choice for everyday wear, blending functionality with fashion in a way that appeals to a wide audience.

Wholesale Wide Belts

Elastic belts, renowned for their exceptional comfort and versatility, serve as the perfect accessory to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any outfit while simultaneously maintaining utmost comfort. Available in a wide array of designs and colors, they cater to a diverse range of stylistic inclinations. Their universal appeal and functionality make them a popular choice for everyday wear.

Wholesale Skinny Belts

Skinny belts are a subtle yet stylish accessory, perfect for adding a delicate touch to any outfit. They work well with a variety of clothing styles, from trousers to dresses, making them a versatile choice for any retailer. Skinny belts are popular for their understated elegance and are a common choice by women living in major British cities like London, Newcastle, or Manchester.

Wholesale Corset Belts

Corset belts are an undeniable fashion statement that effortlessly infuse structure and style into any outfit. They are the ultimate tool to sculpt a striking waistline. With an array of styles and materials at disposal, they serve as a splendid platform to showcase bold or vintage aesthetics. Wholesale corset belts are not just an addition, but an essential, trend-setting component that sets a fashion-forward boutique apart from the rest.

Wholesale Tactical Belts

Tactical belts, known for their resilience and practicality, are crafted using sturdy materials and functional designs. They are particularly appealing to customers in search of accessories that can endure tough conditions and heavy use. Ideal for UK stores specializing in practical and outdoor apparel, these belts offer an excellent blend of durability and utility, catering to the needs of those who value robustness in their gear.

Wholesale Printed or Patterned Belts

Printed or patterned belts offer a splash of colour and style to any outfit, perfect for adding a unique touch. Available in a variety of designs, they cater to customers looking to express their individual style. These belts are ideal for boutiques aiming to offer fun and trendy accessories.

- Wholesale Custom Belts

Custom belts provide a unique opportunity for customers to express their personal style. They allow for individualised designs, materials, and sizes, catering to a wide range of preferences. Custom belts are perfect for retailers looking to offer bespoke and tailor-made accessories to their female customers in London.

Wholesale Military Belt Buckles

Military belt buckles are known for their robustness and functional design. They appeal to customers looking for durable accessories with a utilitarian edge. These buckles are a great addition to any store focusing on practical, yet stylish accessories.

Wholesale Golf Belts

Golf belts, designed for both function and style on the golf course, are a perfect blend of sportiness and elegance. They come in various materials and designs, catering to golf enthusiasts and fashion-conscious customers alike. These belts are an excellent addition to any sportswear or casual wear collection. Add to carts the items you want for your shop and experience stress-free delivery to your warehouse.

Wholesale Cheap Belts

Explore our comprehensive range of bulk belt accessories, ideal for boosting sales among distributors in the UK and Ireland's fashion market. Our extensive inventory includes everything from sophisticated belt buckles, perfect for wholesale designer belts, to practical belt loops for daily wear, and fashionable belt chains that make a statement. Designed to cater to diverse style needs and preferences, our collection is a distributor's dream, enhancing sales with its versatility and fashion-forward appeal. These indispensable accessories are a boon for discerning customers looking to personally tailor their belts. As a distributor, you'll find our range offers a cost-effective solution for refreshing wardrobes, blending affordability with style, and significantly impacting sales in the fashion market.

Paris Fashion Shops | Wholesale Belts suppliers in the UK, Ireland, and all over Europe

Wide Range of Fashionable Clothing and Belts:

At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an extensive and diverse collection of clothing items, catering to various styles, seasons, and customer preferences. This variety extends to our selection of wholesale belts, which are available in numerous styles, materials, and designs. Whether your customers are looking for elegant leather belts to complement formal attire or trendy fabric belts for casual wear, our range ensures that you can meet every demand. This breadth of choice allows retailers to stock up on items that are in line with the latest fashion trends, ensuring their offerings remain appealing and relevant.

Cost-Effective Bulk Purchasing and Low Minimum Order Value:

We understand the importance of balancing quality with cost-effectiveness. Retailers can benefit from our bulk purchasing options, which allow for significant savings and improved profit margins on each item, including belts. Our low minimum order value, starting from just €100, makes it feasible for retailers of all sizes to diversify their stock without a hefty initial investment. This approach is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized retailers in England, Scotland, or Wales, who wish to offer a wide range of products, including an array of stylish belts, without overextending their budgets.

Efficient Logistics and Swift Delivery Across UK, Ireland, and Europe:

In the swiftly evolving sphere of fashion retail, timely and dependable delivery is of paramount importance. Paris Fashion Shops is dedicated to offering accelerated shipping services throughout the UK, Ireland, and the broader European region. Our delivery times usually range from 5 to 8 business days post order confirmation. This level of efficacy enables UK retailers to consistently renew their stock, which is vital for sustaining customer engagement and securing a competitive edge in the market. Regardless of whether your order comprises diverse clothing items or a collection of stylish belts, our prompt delivery service aids in maintaining a versatile and appealing product assortment.

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