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Lingerie set, body, babydoll, stockings, all you need regarding underwear has been put at your disposal by our online wholesalers. Find all the must have items in terms of feminine lingerie.

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Pyjamas are essential items for any fashion store that wants to offer comfortable and stylish nightwear to its customers. Pyjamas come in different types, materials, sizes, and designs, suitable for various seasons and occasions. Whether you are looking for Christmas pyjamas, silk pyjamas, family pyjamas, or cheap pyjamas, you can find them all on Paris Fashion Shops.

Paris Fashion Shops is the online marketplace where pyjamas and nightwear wholesalers meet with fashion boutiques in the UK and Ireland. You can order online and get your products shipped quickly by our staff. All you need to do is select the products you like for your customers and click on "purchase". Here are some of the categories of pyjamas and nightwear products you can find on Parisfashionshops:

Wholesale Pyjamas of all Types

Christmas Wholesale Pyjamas

Christmas is the perfect time to wear festive and cheerful pyjamas. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find Christmas wholesale pyjamas in different colours, patterns, and sizes. You can find pyjamas with Santa, reindeer, snowmen, or Christmas trees as well as nightwear items with slogans, such as "Merry Christmas", "Ho Ho Ho", or "Let It Snow". You can also find matching pyjamas for couples, families, or friends:

Red and White Santa Pyjamas: These pyjamas are made of soft and warm cotton, and feature a red and white Santa print on the top and the pants. They are available in sizes S to XXL, and are ideal for men and women.Green and Red Plaid Pyjamas: These pyjamas are made of cosy and breathable flannel, and feature a green and red plaid pattern on the top and the pants. They are available in sizes XS to XL, and are suitable for women and girls.Family Christmas Pyjamas: These pyjamas are made of comfortable and durable polyester, and feature a matching design of red tops with "Merry Christmas" and green pants with snowflakes. They are available in sizes for adults, kids, and babies, and are perfect for family photos.

Plain White Pyjamas Wholesale

Plain white pyjamas are a classic and elegant choice for nightwear. They are versatile, easy to match, and can be personalised with embroidery, printing, or sublimation. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find plain white pyjamas wholesale in different materials, such as cotton, satin, or silk ; and different styles, such as long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless. Select the items your customers want and PFS will have them shipped to your warehouse in the UK or Ireland within a few days.

Easter PJS Wholesale

Easter symbolizes a season of rejuvenation, joy, and the emergence of spring. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an extensive range of wholesale Easter-inspired pyjamas, available in a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes. Our easter pajamas collection includes designs featuring charming motifs such as bunnies, eggs, flowers, and chicks, as well as thoughtful messages like "Happy Easter", "Egg-cellent", and "Hoppy Easter". We also cater to those seeking coordinated wholesale sleepwear for couples, families, or groups of friends. Add to cart the items your need for the customers of your fashion boutique's and your order will be shipped in no time.

Wholesale sublimation Blank Pyjamas

Sublimation blank pyjamas are pyjamas that are ready to be customised with your own designs, logos, or images. Nighsthirts are made of polyester or polyester blend, which allows the sublimation process to transfer the ink into the fabric. They are ideal for fashion stores that want to offer personalised and unique pyjamas to their customers. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find wholesale sublimation blank pyjamas in different colours, such as white, black, or grey. Bulk buy the sublimation blank pyjamas for ladies you need for your shop, and we will see them delivered to your warehouse in the United Kingdom, Ireland or any country in Europe.

Halloween PJs Wholesale

Halloween is a time to wear spooky and fun pyjamas. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find Halloween PJs wholesale in different colours, patterns, and sizes. You can find PJs with ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, or spiders ; with messages, such as "Trick or Treat", "Boo", or "Happy Halloween".

Luxury Pyjamas Wholesale

Luxury PJs are all about being comfy and looking swanky at the same time. They're made from the best materials like silk, satin, or velvet. Perfect for fashion shops looking to stock some top-notch and exclusive sleepwear for their customers in the UK or within the EU. Over at Paris Fashion Shops, you can score these luxury PJs in all sorts of colors like red, black, or even gold.

On Paris Fashion Shops we selected the best luxury items of each Pyjamas Wholesaler and sleepwear suppliers collections to offer sleepwear apparels of the latest trend.

Wholesale Family Pyjamas

Family pyjamas are coordinated sleepwear ensembles tailored to accommodate every member of a household, encompassing adults, children, and even pets. These sleepwear sets are imbued with charm and delight, constituting an ideal supplement to fashion retailers striving to deliver distinctive experiences and photo-worthy moments to their clientele. At Paris Fashion Shops, we present a diverse selection of these wholesale family pyjamas, available in an array of themes spanning from wildlife to superheroes and animated characters. Furthermore, these harmonizing sets are available in a spectrum of shades, including blue, pink, and green.

Wholesale Nightwear

Nightwear extends beyond the realm of merely pyjamas, encompassing a diverse array of clothing items designed for nocturnal wear. These items are particularly suitable for fashion retailers seeking to provide their clientele with a comprehensive and eclectic nightwear selection. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an extensive variety of wholesale nightwear products, available in a range of materials including cotton, satin, and fleece.

Wholesale Nightdress

A nightdress is a loose-fitting dress for ladies that is worn at night. It can be short or long, sleeveless or sleeved, plain or embellished. Ladies wear it alone or with a robe or a slipper. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find wholesale nightdress in all colors and materials from S to 4XL. You can also find wholesale nightdress in different styles, such as lace, embroidery, or ruffles. 

Wholesale Nightshirt

A nightshirt is a long shirt that ladies wear at night. Nightshirts can be loose or fitted, buttoned or pullover, plain or patterned. It can be worn alone or with a robe or a slipper. On Paris Fashion Shops, you can find wholesale nightshirt in different colours, such as blue, pink, or green. Out parters also provide wholesale nightshirt in different styles like solid, floral, or striped. 

Wholesale Women's Pyjamas

Women's pyjamas represent a highly popular and lucrative category in the nightwear section of fashion stores. These pyjamas are specifically designed to offer comfort, style, and a diverse range of choices to customers. They can be utilized for various purposes, including sleeping, lounging, or even working from home.

At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer an extensive selection of wholesale women's pyjamas from the best brands (La Marquise, Lady Selena, Capucine, Belle Com'elle, Esther Queen, etc.). Browse the wholesale women's pyjamas collections of our pyjamas suppliers partners to find the best items of the latest trend. These items come in a variety of types, materials, sizes, and designs. We cater to the needs of different seasons, offering pyjamas that are suitable for summer, winter, or spring. Additionally, our collection includes pyjamas suitable for various special occasions, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or birthdays.

Add to cart the items your customers want to see in your shop in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool... or anywhere else in the UK and the EU, and out staff will handle the delivery to your fashion boutique.

Wholesale Men's Pyjamas

Men deserve comfortable and stylish nightwear, too. At Paris Fashion Shops, we provide a comprehensive selection of wholesale men's pyjamas from diverse suppliers. Our range includes pyjamas made from a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, silk, and wool. We also offer a wide array of sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from. Whether you're looking to stock your store in the United Kingdom with classic plaid pyjamas, contemporary striped designs, or quirky printed options, it is all available at Paris Fashion Shops. Bulk purchasing is made easy with our wholesale prices, swift shipping, and online platform. For men's nightwear, Paris Fashion Shops is your go-to online wholesale supplier.

Wholesale childrens pyjamas

Children love to wear pyjamas that are cute and comfortable. That is why Paris Fashion Shops has a variety of wholesale childrens pyjamas for you to choose from. You can find pyjamas for boys and girls of different ages, from toddlers to teens. You will find pyjamas of different fabrics (cotton, flannel, fleece, velvet, etc.) and any sort of designs like animal, cartoon, floral, or geometric. You can buy them in bulk and get them delivered quickly to your store. Paris Fashion Shops is the online destination for wholesale childrens pyjamas.

Wholesale baby pyjamas

Babies need to have soft and snug pyjamas that keep them warm and cozy at night. That is why Paris Fashion Shops provides you with a range of wholesale baby pyjamas from trusted suppliers. At Paris Fashion Shops, we offer a wide variety of wholesale baby pyjamas for newborns and infants. Our range includes different materials like cotton, bamboo, and organic fabrics. We also stock various styles, from footed and hooded pyjamas to onesies. With an option to purchase in bulk and enjoy quick shipping to your store, Paris Fashion Shops is your go-to online resource for wholesale baby pyjamas. Choose your articles, and let us do the rest.

Wholesale pjs - all materials

Wholesale silk pajamas

Silk pajamas offer the epitome of luxury in sleepwear. Their soft texture, smooth feel, and breathability provide both elegance and comfort. These pajamas are an ideal choice for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine's Day. At Paris Fashion Shops, you'll find a diverse range of wholesale silk pajamas available in various colors, sizes, and designs. Bulk purchase these pajamas at wholesale prices on our marketplace and expect quick shipping to your store, whether it's located in the United Kingdom or any other country in Europe or North America.

Satin pyjamas wholesale

Satin pyjamas are another option for nightwear that is stylish and cozy. Satin pyjamas are made of a synthetic fabric that has a glossy surface and a dull back. Satin pyjamas are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for. Satin pyjamas are ideal for everyday wear, as they are comfortable and versatile. Browse our wholesale satin pyjamas collections on Paris Fashion Shops to discover items of the latest trend for your fashion boutique.

Smocked pyjamas wholesale

Smocked pyjamas, featuring a decorative stitching technique that creates pleats, add a playful charm to any nightwear collection. Ideal for both children and adults, these whimsical pyjamas are available in various fabrics and sizes on Paris Fashion Shops.

Cotton pyjamas wholesale

Cotton pyjamas serve as a traditional selection for wholesale nightwear, offering both comfort and a sense of natural simplicity. Suitable for all seasons, cotton pyjamas provide warmth during the winter months and a cooling effect throughout the summer. Additionally, these garments are simple to launder and dry ; and you can find on Paris Fashion Shops a diverse range of wholesale cotton pyjamas available at wholesale prices. With swift delivery to your storefront, our service ensures efficiency and convenience.

Velvet pjs wholesale

Velvet pjs are a type of nightwear that is plush and cozy. Velvet pjs are made of a fabric that has a thick, soft pile that gives it a luxurious feel and makes ladies feel pampered and relaxed. Velvet pjs are perfect for winter nights, and exist in all colors : red, white, grey, black, brown, blue, etc.

Polyester pyjamas wholesale

Polyester pyjamas are made of a synthetic fabric that is strong, lightweight, and resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. Polyester pyjamas are ideal for everyday wear, as they are practical and comfortable. On our site, polyester pyjamas wholesalers offer products in different patterns, sizes, and styles. Purchase them in bulk and get your order delivered fast to your store in the UK, Ireland, or anywhere else in the European Union. Select the items you need and look no further than Paris Fashion Shops who will handle everything from collecting your order to delivery at your warehouse.

Cheap pjs wholesale

Restocking your pyjamas and nightwear boutique online through Parisfashionshops provides lots of benefits:

Enjoy a large and diverse catalogue of pyjamas and nightwear products from all sorts of brands at competitive prices. Profit from cost-effective bulk buying, frequent promotions, and attractive discounts.Save time by bulk buying online with a single click, from your office.Paris Fashion Shops' quick and secure delivery service ships worldwide. All orders are shipped directly to your store in Europe. Just fill up your address.

Paris Fashion Shops | Wholesale Pyjamas & Nightwear in the UK and Europe

Wholesale pajamas - What is the minimum amount required to bulk purchase nightwear products on Parisfashionshops ?

The minimum order for wholesale nightwear and pajamas at Paris Fashion Shops begins at just €100 per transaction, varying with each specific nightwear supplier. This approach enables you to acquire stylish pajamas and nightwear in feasible quantities for your boutique, minimizing the risk of overstocking and the need for discounted sales that can erode profits.

Wholesale pjs - How often do we get new stocks ?

Stay updated with our constantly evolving nightwear and pajama collections on Paris Fashion Shops, where we add hundreds of new items daily. From cozy pajamas to elegant nightgowns, these latest trend pieces are sourced from our trusted suppliers

Do I need to make multiple payments if I order from different nightwear and pajama manufacturers ?

At Paris Fashion Shops, we streamline your purchasing experience by allowing you to order from a variety of nightwear suppliers in one go, with just one payment. Whether you're ordering cozy pajamas or elegant nightgowns, we consolidate these orders and ship them from our warehouse in a single package. This ensures hassle-free delivery to numerous UK cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, and more, as well as other locations across Europe.

How long does it take for shipping to the UK, Ireland, or Europe ?

Our online inventory is regularly refreshed with the newest trends in nightwear and pajamas. Depending on the destination and supplier, delivery typically occurs within 5 to 8 working days after the order has been confirmed.


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